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vVv is a guild on SW:ToR which was started by a group of friends and is now expanding on launch of the game.

We are an Empire based guild and are currently recruiting all classes so don't hesitate to apply on the top right of this page.

The server we have been allocated to is Peragus Mining Facility (EU/PvE)
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Veliszar, Dec 12, 11 7:52 PM.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to vVv's own guild portal. If you're not already registered on here, Apply to join at the top of the page by clicking Join, or the top right by clicking Apply.

The site is a work in progress so please bare with me whilst I chop/change and refine it. If you have any comments or feedback then please let me know. Have a look around and familiarize yourself with the site as much as possible in preparation for SW:ToR launch.

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